CAT is the first TON blockchain validator to which you can delegate your coins and receive income from block generation rewards and transaction confirmation fees.

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Validator is the most important element of the network involved in storing blockchain data, formation of new blocks and confirmation of transactions - for this, validators receive a reward, which is divided among their delegates according to the number of coins they delegated.

CAT team takes care of their delegates, we rent dedicated servers with the best configurations for maximum stability of our infrastructure, and we also use advanced protection - your funds will be safe.

Zero commission

The most used and functional API for developers of services and applications on the TON blockchain.

We process over 100,000,000 requests monthly.

If you want to get support on API issues write to us by Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions Questions

Please email us if you have any other questions.
What is TON?
TON is a new generation blockchain with PoS consensus algorithm, which has high bandwidth and great functionality for creating projects and integrating into existing ones.
Who is a validator?
Validator - server infrastructure that stores a complete copy of the blockchain. Validators perform the most important role in the blockchain, participating in the process of confirming the transaction and generating new blocks of the blockchain. Big the network of validators allows to increase the decentralization of the network and ensure greater reliability of transactions. In total
Who is nominator?
Nominator - person whi send his coins to on of validators to get a part of rewards from validating process. The validator cannot control the coins delegated to him, they are stored in the blockchain and in can be withdrawn back to the wallet at any time.